By the way…

Just a quick update for you all, since I have been horrible as advertised about keeping up my blogging. In fairness, I did write some… I just didn’t publish. Too personal. I got that Code post about the Android singleTask bug done finally, about 4 months after I started it. I’m planning another Code post in my noggin’ as well, so come back next year for that one. It’ll be a treat.

I accepted a job, doing Android development. It’s alright, but I wish my opinion held more importance. I finally got my own place again in the middle of Salt Lake City valley. It’s nice, but smells like old person. This very day I am getting my new vehicle, a 2013 Ford Escape. It’s pretty sweet. Overall, life is pretty good. Can’t complain too much.


Android singleTask LaunchMode

I’m finally going to inaugurate the Code category of my blog. I added the category long ago not sure I was ever going to post to it because that sounded suspiciously like work. But this post is so worthwhile, it has to be shared. It’s probably the most helpful post I’ll ever write. Continue reading

This is Post 187

I wrote my last post Education of a Wandering Man over a period of a week. It wasn’t a spur of the moment reaction to yesterday’s events, though it may have sounded that way. But honestly, it wasn’t as organized and well thought out as I wanted. I feel I touched a number of important ideas and didn’t fully explore them or give them justice. Continue reading

Education of a Wandering Man

It’s pretty obvious why people with a wide range of experience are some of the more fascinating creative types–experience is knowledge that makes art genuine. We’re not talking merely job experience either, though I think jobs add a hell of a lot more character than the other experiences. Seriously, ask me sometime about the movers I worked with. Strange folk. Continue reading