By the way…

Just a quick update for you all, since I have been horrible as advertised about keeping up my blogging. In fairness, I did write some… I just didn’t publish. Too personal. I got that Code post about the Android singleTask bug done finally, about 4 months after I started it. I’m planning another Code post in my noggin’ as well, so come back next year for that one. It’ll be a treat.

I accepted a job, doing Android development. It’s alright, but I wish my opinion held more importance. I finally got my own place again in the middle of Salt Lake City valley. It’s nice, but smells like old person. This very day I am getting my new vehicle, a 2013 Ford Escape. It’s pretty sweet. Overall, life is pretty good. Can’t complain too much.


This is Post 187

I wrote my last post Education of a Wandering Man over a period of a week. It wasn’t a spur of the moment reaction to yesterday’s events, though it may have sounded that way. But honestly, it wasn’t as organized and well thought out as I wanted. I feel I touched a number of important ideas and didn’t fully explore them or give them justice. Continue reading

Education of a Wandering Man

It’s pretty obvious why people with a wide range of experience are some of the more fascinating creative types–experience is knowledge that makes art genuine. We’re not talking merely job experience either, though I think jobs add a hell of a lot more character than the other experiences. Seriously, ask me sometime about the movers I worked with. Strange folk. Continue reading